Hard trance is a genre of music that originated in Germany in the early to mid-90's and is one of the earliest forms of trance. It was one of the most common forms of Trance throughout the decade, characterized by strong kicks, with a very dry and heavy sound. Now it is much more rare compared to other forms of Trance and House music, but still has a close fanbase in Japan, the UK, and other parts of Europe.

The Hard Trance sound varies from classic trance with its emphasis on harder, often acid sounds. The beat is very strong, and the lead synths or pads are simpler, but still retain their melodic, "trance-like" nature. The "hoover" sound, so named, due to its "vacuum-like" drone, made famous by Human Resource in the early techno classic "Dominator," is used infrequently as of late, giving way to harsher lead melodies through synths or pads. Recently, a difference in production styles between the two stables of hard trance has developed, splitting the genre into what is commonly known as European hard trance, which can contain darker elements, and shares common production techniques with hardstyle such as the familiar off beat bassline and snappy snarerolls, which sets its roots in trance's heyday, with wide, epic synths and rolling, often "bubbling" basslines. Tempo varies from 140 to 160 beats per minute. Jones & Stephenson's track, "The First Rebirth" was one of the first hard trance tracks ever made, even though its bpm speed is actually that of hardcore music.

Artists Include:

Brent Sadowick
Cosmic Gate
DJ Dean
DJ Fausto
Dj Logitek
DJ Scot Project
Kian Keen
Legend B
Lisa Lashes
Spectra Attack
Yoji Biomehanika